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The Role of Centers for Teaching and Learning in Improvement of Undergraduate Engineering Education Workshop

This workshop was held July 1-2, 2010 in Arlington, Virginia to discuss the role of centers for teaching and learning (CTLs) in enhancing undergraduate engineering education. The workshop brought together the directors of CTLs, engineering faculty, and administrators of schools of engineering. The workshop took place over two days with an agenda to outline strategies for partnerships between CTLs and schools of engineering to improve undergraduate engineering education.

Participation was by invitation only.

Goals of this workshop

  • To outline strategies for leveraging resources and expertise at existing CTLs to enhance undergraduate engineering education. This would involve identifying goals, expected outcomes, strategies, and activities for the CTL and school of engineering partnerships.
  • To identify programs, support and resources from CTLs appropriate for engineering faculty to enhance lifelong development as educators.
  • To identify ways of utilizing faculty insight into student learning issues and difficulties with content to inform the planning of professional development programs.
  • To prepare recommendations for how engineering administrators could support and recognize educational innovation and professional development through a partnership with CTLs.

Anticipated Outcomes

  • Workshop report
  • Web site
  • Presentations at engineering conferences and professional development conferences


Funded by the Division of Undergraduate Education at the National Science Foundation. Award Number is DUE- 0958168. PI: Dr. Pratibha Varma-Nelson, Co-PI: Dr. Terri Tarr

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